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You have heard the word


boating and sometimes even heard of sapphic flag, but are you not sure of what meaning? Don’t be concerned! The queer area is consistently getting more inclusive and normalizing detail by detail how to explain your own sex or sexual identification.

Listed here is a rundown of what it methods to end up being sapphic, how phase came into existence and precisely what the sapphic banner seems like.

Sapphic meaning

It really is an umbrella term that unites lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer and lots of other communities. It’s also attached to the acronym


(woman-loving lady), but sapphic does consist of nonbinary folks as well as being familiar with describe a relationship between two women.

Despite it being made use of interchangeably with


, you can find not necessarily similar.

Sapphic refers to any such thing linked to the Greek poet Sappho, which blogged about the woman attraction to “lesbians” from the island of Lesbos. What’s more, it means any lady or non-binary one who is actually homosexual af.

Subsequently, bottom line,

let us notice meaning of sapphic:

Sapphic is employed to explain a

lady of every sexual positioning that is attracted to additional females

. The definition of can those people who are interested in females however they are uncertain of attraction some other men and women explain their particular tastes.

What is the beginning of sapphic?

Sapphic began being used around 1500 concerning the feelings from the poet Sappho. It absolutely was used about her having feelings for and being in connections with females. Though she never ever mentioned it outright, as being a lesbian had been shunned during this time, inside her poetry and tunes she talked about strong emotion toward ladies.

Sappho created a four-line outline

, along with her type of poetry became known as a

sapphic stanza

. And currently talking about the woman passion for lesbians, she in addition wrote about her attraction to men. This simply means Sappho had been theoretically queer/bi/pan, so all ladies who love ladies (WLW) tend to be represented beneath the “sapphic” umbrella, not just lesbians.


There’s even a

sapphic banner

so we can all bear in mind just what staff we wager clearly the following.

Now that you know whom Sappho is actually, you can easily wow your own HER day with some 7th-century really love poems. Its exactly what Sappho would need.

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Sapphic flag

The sapphic banner has actually two pink stripes on the top and base, symbolizing love. In the center discover a violet, that was typically provided to females to represent their particular sapphic love.

There is a version of the flag with a pair of violets in the center that presents the really love between two ladies.


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Sapphic versus Lesbian

Common concerns are asking

what is the difference in sapphic and lesbian.

Sapphic and lesbian were used interchangeably nevertheless they don’t fundamentally have the same meaning. Sapphic is generally an umbrella phrase such as all sexualities wherein women are attracted to females.

Lesbians generally tend to be ladies who are just keen on females, though recently the phrase is broadened to-be much more comprehensive.

Pansexual and non-binary people who like females would be regarded as lesbians, although line between sapphic and lesbian is actually unclear.

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